Patriot Softball Team Vision Statement & Philosophy

Patriot Softball Philosophy:

The Parkway South softball program will have competitive and contending teams each year and will work to strengthen each student athlete in the areas of academics, responsibility, good sportsmanship, and  athletic excellence.

Patriot Softball Academic Policy:

In accordance with our belief that playing softball at Parkway South is a privilege and not a right, the Patriot Softball Coaching Staff has set our academic standards higher than the state’s requirements of having a minimum of 3.0 credits during the semester prior to the softball season.  As with all privileges, game time must be earned.  The number one reason that our student athletes are at South High is to receive a quality education, which is something that cannot be taken away from them.
The way a player earns her privilege to play academically is to maintain at least a 2.0 g.p.a. (a “C” average) and not have any “F”’s.  These grades are based upon the student-athlete’s academic performance during the first semester.  Grade updates will also be required throughout the season.  If either of the fore mentioned criteria are not met, the student-athlete will be suspended from game play until the requirements are met.  During this suspension time, the student-athlete will schedule meeting times with their teachers immediately after school in order to improve the grade.  Following the help session, the student athlete will them be expected to come down for the remainder of practice with her teammates.
As a coaching staff we understand that this will be a large time commitment to check everyone's grades but we feel this is something that is important to the success of each individual. In order for our softball program to be successful, and to reach our ultimate goal, a state championship, we must focus on the development of the whole person.

Thanks for your ongoing support as we begin the development of one of the top high school softball programs in the St. Louis area.

Code of Conduct:

The Patriot Softball program also follows the Parkway School District’s Code of Conduct policy. This policy is in place to ensure that there are set consequences for any athlete who is caught using alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco products during a particular sport season. Athletes are seen as role models in schools, therefore, Parkway strives to hold them to a higher standard. It is also important to remember that athletics are a privilege for students at the high school level and not a right.





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